Digital learning platform and MaterialMarket = Pulpo – Every level and to everybody – PULPO
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Digital learning platform and MaterialMarket = Pulpo – Every level and to everybody

The future of the classroom: Pulpo Learning Environment

Before After

Old school environments will become interactive and digital with Pulpo

  • Interactive learning environment that you control and manage at the teaching situation.
  • Modern teaching portal interactive interaction environment: Learn in a fun way.
  • You can follow and assist each student individually or together.
  • E-class supports simultaneously quicker learners as well as slower adapters
  • E-class is long-term generic platform to all educational and teaching materials.
  • E-class is easily managed by the teacher – Screen Sharing like Remote Desktop
  • Teacher can observe, how successfully single student is proceeding with their tasks and – when needed – teacher can support everyone individually or in groups.


Communication Tools

  • Voice, Chat, SMS and Video
  • Teacher to student or group of students


  • Audio, video, text, streams
  • AI, VR and notes

Screen Sharing

  • Mosaic-device, interactive
  • What's going on ability

Learning materials

  • Activation Service,  OnDemand or streaming
  • All kind of electornic materials can be used

Content Management

  • Transfer content to all or to selected e-Desks
  • Already before the class begins


  • Pulpo portal is available in multiple languages
  • Graphical information as well


Lots of useful features for your future learning and interactive material usage

  • Teacher to Student communication channel
  • Student to student communication channel
  • Multimedia (Voice, text, SMS, chat, video calls)
  • Teacher mosaic interface for easy monitoring
  • Learning material easily made avaialble to desks individually or in group
  • Learning materail activation - OnDemand, Streaming, On-line/Off-line
  • Portal available use also without e-Desk
  • Device control to teacher while portal in use in BYOD
  • Technology indipendent as used with web browser
  • Multilingual
  • Saas or Cloud server service options available
  • Extensive user and content managemet

When using Pulpo, lessons are conducted by the teacher in a controlled manner, teaching can start quickly, surely and easily.

The required learning materials are readily available. The teacher is able to follow the activities of the students individually and the choices made by the students can be shared with others as well.

Helping students and giving them extra tasks is easy. The e-Desk with Pulpo is meaningful with studuying together. The teacher can assist each student individually and, if desired, assign tasks to a group of more students. Pulpo is a time-saving teaching environment that improves teaching diversity. It supports the attractiveness of an institution by bringing learning to a new era. The solution also brings long-term savings to the procurement of educational activities, while vulnerable and loose terminal devices can be replaced with touch screen Pulpo e-desks for the future.

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